Does the US flag, the quintessential symbol of America, splitting down the middle during game three of baseball’s 2014 World Series have prophetic significance?

It makes sense that if this is a prophetic sign that it would be delivered on a national platform, and the World Series would definitely meet that expectation.  But for now, let’s set this incident aside and look at some other issues that perhaps shouldn’t be ignored.

Although most people are not taking secession talk seriously, such chatter is attracting noticeable attention.

The chief purpose of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is to provide an avenue for the people to take back control of their nation should it ever be hijacked. So, when the topic of gun control rises, so does the ire of many Americans.  To these Americans, owning guns is as American as waving the American flag. Increased tension between gun control and gun rights(According to US Law, If you own a gun, you should have a gun safe) advocates always follows shootings.

When news breaks of government agencies buying up guns or ammo, conspiracy theorists celebrate some unusual credibility while others raise their eyebrows.